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Weekspiration 016-51

There's only one week left in this year and many are already thinking about New Year's resolutions. Some are mentally going through this year's ups and downs and we're all trying to find some meaning, purpose, to see what's this all about. While I agree it's one of the hardest tasks, it is also the most rewarding thing we can do. I'm far from an expert on the subject but I know a couple of things which always help me and I bet they will help you, too. 

  1. Step away and get a wider picture.
  2. Change the angle from which you look at (attack) the challenge/problem. It will give you new perspectives. 
  3. Take some time to pause and just admire the beauty of the existence. 

I'll let the photos do the talking from this point. You'll understand why. Enjoy!

1. Konsta Punkka (@kpunkka)

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2. Nate Forest (@knatez)

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3. Pablo (@dirtygrid)

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4. Adam Krowitz (@thedroneman)

5. Lance Asper (@lance_asper)

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6. Gab Scanu (@gabscanu)

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