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Weekspiration 016-50

I never know how to start a blog post. Especially something like this where some level of curation is expected - I can't just throw a bunch of photos here and say "There you go. Enjoy". Out of chaos emerges order. Out of hundreds of photos, I start to see some pattern which usually catches my attention and I tend go with that flow. 

This week's selection of photos for your Weekspiration turned out to be an homage to some of the greatest photographers whose photos are constant inspiration to all of us. Their influence is very strong, as you will see. If you look closely enough, you'll recognize Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joel Meyerowitz, Alex Webb, Fan Ho and maybe some more. There is a piece of them in all of these photos, so they live through their and through the work of others. They have passed the torch, and the flame lives. That's the beauty of art. 

No matter how strong or weak you think your flame is, you can always kindle the fire in others. Shine on (you crazy diamond)! Enjoy your week.

1. Gaia (@antiigravity)

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2. M_egg (@jfk70)

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3. Reuven Halevi (@reuvenhalevi)

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4. Olivier (@oliverstreetparis)

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5. Mirko Saviane (@kromirko)

6.  Qoinn (@qoinn)

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This portfolio knocked me out of my socks! Ironically, the photo above is one of the few which are in colour. Qoinn's feed is mostly a collection of carefully framed black and white masterpieces. I've chosen the colour photo just so it would fit in well with the others, but do yourself a favour and browse the rest of them. Expect to see this name here in the future at least a few more times. 
We started this Weekspiration as an homage to the giants of street photography. No better way to finish it than looking at Qoinn's photos.