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Weekspiration 016-49

We start this Monday with new Weekspiration and just like in the previous post, we will start with the mountains. There's going to be a lot of nature in these inspirational blog posts - especially mountains! They are ever so inspiring, grandiose and magnificent. Mountain peaks and slopes have that ability to evoke a sense of beauty, an urge to roam and get lost (also known as wanderlust) and at the same time they make us feel small. All of a sudden our so called (everyday) problems and imagined self-importance are being questioned and ridiculed. We get the sense of perspective, and that was one of the main motives in this Weekspiration - a relationship between a man and the nature. 

Start your week strong and do a quick meditation if you will. Take a few deep breaths and imagine a mountain. It's peak is in your head and the base of the mountain is in your feet with roots going deep into the ground below. Feel it, be it! Does the mountain care about Monday, does it care about nagging boss or a colleague, about _____ (fill in the blank)? No. And neither should you. Be the mountain!

Please, enjoy!

1. Roman k. (@rawmeyn)

Like Roman said himself: "Sometimes high above the mountains is the only place to be". I had to look twice at this photo to figure out is it the shadows or did some inconceivable heat burn and melt those dark sides of the mountain. I like the photos which make you look at them again and again. Roman has beautiful collection of mountain landscapes which will ignite the wanderlust in you. Check out his feed.

2. Daniel Wongi Kim (@danielwongikim)

A photo posted by Wongi Kim (@danielwongikim) on

This week another fellow Stocksy photographer. Maybe I'm biased but Stocksy has such an amazing talent under one roof it's really hard not to feel inspired. Wongi Kim's portfolio is still growing, but oh boy is it beautiful? You can support this young artist by buying his photos at Stocksy United and if you'd like to have some of his prints I've found nice deal on his website. Namely, you can buy his Polar Plunge Print Pack and support both the artist and Special Olympics Alaska.

3. Bruin Alexander (@bruinalexander)

I'm so glad I found this photo and Bruin Alexander's Instagram feed. Not only because it's beautiful but because it led me to his website which is quite interesting itself. Clean, minimal design with a food for thought as well as the feast for eyes. 

4. Shin Noguchi (@shinnoguchiphotos)

Shin Noguchi's portfolio explores a different kind of man's surrounding - a city, streets etc. It's wonderful collection of great street photography, but somehow I've found this photo to fit really nicely with the rest of the photos featured here. I just can't wrap my head around how beautiful it is. A moment, an atmosphere, general mood... out of this world (and yet ironically, quite mundane). If you love street photography, be sure to check other photos in Shin Noguchi's feed! 

5. Kyon Jin (@kyon.j)

A photo posted by Kyon.J (@kyon.j) on

This photo has such nice graphics quality. I love the simplicity of it. Not much words needed here. It needs to be on a wall (and it probably needs a bit better editing). But the moment is there and it's all that matters. 

6. Lars Schneider (@schneideroutdoorvisions)

I'm saving a real treat for the end again. Ever since I've watched Lars' movie on Vimeo called "This is me - My other life as a photographer" I started following his work. Faroe Islands is one of my top dream destinations. Lars spent some time there capturing breathtaking photos with his Hasselblad (btw, he is an official Hasselblad ambassador). I mean... just look at this photo! Well, I have that same feeling whenever I browse his portfolio. Treat your eyes and check his work. 

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