Let me take you on a visual journey... 

Weekspiration 016-48

Welcome to Weekspiration! 

This is my effort to stay sane and this is my way to detox my mind and my soul from a constant stream of bullshit and just awful, horrible news we're being served every day! I can't help but feel angry, depressed and simply without a hope for the human race when I see what's happening around us. I've chosen not to close my eyes, but to open them to the beauty and inspiration. It's simply a matter of what I want to focus on. Even if the world goes to pieces tomorrow, so be it. But I want to live NOW and to constantly remind myself and everyone around me of just how incredibly lucky and privileged we are to live on this planet. 

Every Monday I'll make new Weekspiration post (numbers 016-48 mean the year and the week, respectfully). My goal is to share photos and stories (mostly from Instagram) which have inspired me in a previous week. Six photos in total (Tue-Sun). I'll try to stick to that format. I've chosen Monday because so many people complain about it and even hate that day. It's just another day in a week. Get over it. As someone said - "It's your work that suck. Not Mondays". However, I'd like to help you kick start your week on the right foot using the most beautiful imagery which has been my inspiration and my fuel in the previous week. Note that the official tag for Weekspiration posts is #fuckyeahmondays! Feel the shift in an attitude?

Feel free to share this wherever you want if you find it helpful and feel free to start your own project(s), to find your own way to make everyday life just a bit more bearable and beautiful. Let's start. Enjoy!

1. Benjamin Hardman (@benjaminhardman)

This Instagram feed blew my mind! That's one of the portfolio's that make you question everything about your photography and make you want to sell your gear and go be a farmer or something. David lives in Iceland and he manages to capture its beauty and surreal landscape in the most amazing way. I mean... just look at this photo!  

2. Liam Grant (@liamgrantphoto)

A photo posted by Liam Grant (@liamgrantfoto) on

Liam is a fellow photographer from Stocksy United. If you would like to support his work, make sure you visit his portfolio and buy some of his photos. 

3. Sonia Mededovic (@soniamededo)

My dear cousin Sonia is one young, strong, independent and above all creative woman, who I greatly admire and respect! She spends her free time roaming and hiking around beautiful US North West (Washington state). Make sure to follow her.

4. Creagh Cross (@creagh)

A photo posted by Creagh Cross (@creagh) on

My obsession about Kodachrome look brought me to Creagh's Instagram profile. My jaw immediately dropped when I saw his photos which are usually candid street shots from busy LA streets. They are full of life and colour and his work remind me of the old street photography masters. I'm hooked. See for yourself.

5. David Kirscher (@dkirscher)

A photo posted by David Kirscher (@dkirscher) on

There's no need to say too much about this photo. I fell in love with the mood, the freedom, youth and overall tonality of this shot. I stumbled upon David's profile also by searching for classic film look and inspiration.

6. Paul Schlemmer (@paulschlemmer)

I saved one of my dearest friends and incredible human being for the end. Paul Schlemmer is young "weirdo" (as he likes to call himself) from the Czech Republic who dropped from high school in order to pursue and create a life worth living. A rebel with a good cause. He shares his adventures with his girlfriend Carol (@carolwellart) and with all of us on his Instagram. He is also official Fuji photographer and fellow contributor at Stocksy United. Please make sure you visit his profile there and support his work.